Transits HITs

Both Lite as well as Professional Versions have this feature.

Astro-Kundali PRO has an unique tool for checking the desired inter-planetary aspects between the Transiting and the Natal planets using any ORB and at any interval. One can check the aspects to the Natal Cusps too. You can select your desired Transiting Planet/s, Natal Planet/s, Natal Cusp and your desired Aspect.

Hence this tool is useful in assessing your desired Yogas/Aspects. e.g. Say if you are checking aspects between Transiting Saturn, Mars and Nodes and natal Lagna Lord and 1st Cusp using Conjunction, Opposition and Square aspects you may get the Illness, Ill-health dates.

If you keep the ORB very small and Check Aspects using all planets and all aspects then this tool also can be used to find the eventful periods using the Western Astrology Progressions method OR 'Din Varsha Paddhati (One Day = One Year)' e.g. Say The Birth Date and Time is 1 Dec 1962 6:30. Then if you check the aspects from 25 Dec 1962 6:30 to  26 Dec 1962 6:30 it will give you eventful periods in native's 25th year.

This tool can be used to check the inter- planetary aspects in Transiting planets themselves too. This can be checked at even a Minute interval and at almost zero Orb. This can be used to see the daily change in the nature. Some people have found this useful in tracking the Market Index e.g. Sensex.

If one checks the Conjunction and Drushtis check box then one can get the dates at which Conjunction and Graha-Drushtis act between Transiting and Natal Planets. This is used by Systems Approach Analysis for timing of events.