Transits Gochar

Both Lite as well as Professional Versions have this feature.

With Astro-Kundali PRO you can check the Transits Gochar for any Chart (i.e. for Lagna or for any Divisional Chart) from Moon as well as from Lagna. The Flag 'Good' or 'Bad' is also given as per the Hindu Gochar From Moon system.

Very often we find that the events do not match that well with Gochar from Moon if we see them only from the Lagna Chart. But however if we see them in the Divisional Charts then you will find them to be matching well.

Note that most of the Gochar from Moon in D1 Lagna Chart is good.


All the Gochar from Moon in D10 Dashamsha Chart is bad!

Hence during this period though the health will remain good the status, occupation of the native will suffer.