Horary Chart / Rotate Chart

Both Lite as well as Professional Versions have this feature.

Horary Chart: KP Number Chart can be plotted for any place in the world and for any date and time. Just while computing the chart select 'Horary' option instead of 'Natal' option. You can choose any of the KP number from 1 to 249. All the Charts, Significators, Dashas and other Reports will now be done for that KP Horary Number Chart.

Rotate Chart: This is a very useful tool when someone is assessing a horary chart where the Horary Number is given by some one else other than that native himself.

e.g. Say native's Father has asked when will be the marriage of his daughter? Father has given a KP horary number. Here whenever the chart will be assessed the 2, 7, 11 houses (houses required for marriage question in KP) as counted from the FIFTH HOUSE will need to be taken into consideration. Now if we rotate the chart by taking 5th house as lagna then it will be easy to assess the chart.

This is what the programme does. It rotates the chart by taking the desired house as lagna and then re-computes the chart as well as all the significators appropriately for this. You can even Print this rotated chart and it's report.