This is a unique, useful, research oriented excellent tool recently added for Vedic, KP as well as Western astrologers. This gives the charts in circular format.

This has Natal (Birth) Planetary and Cuspal Positions at the Center and the Current Transits Planetary Positions at the Periphery.

The Ascendant is always shown at the 9' Clock position.

The First Cusp is shown in bold (Dark) red line and other cusps are shown in light red lines.

The Signs divisions are shown in light black lines.

The Astro-Clock is updated every 4 minutes.

The Zodiac is shown with their divisions 12 Signs, 27 Nakshatras (stars).
All these divisions are specially color-coded as per their conventional attributed natural color for easy recognition.
e.g. Both the Mercury's Signs (Gemini and Virgo) are shown in green as well as the Mercury's Stars as well as the Subs are shown in green. Similarly Mars's Signs (Aries, Scorpio), Stars and KP Subs are shown in red. and so on.

If the mouse cursor is placed on the planets their longitudes along with Star-lord, Sub, Sub-Sub etc. will be flashed instantly as Tool Tips.

Some suggested research uses of this Astro-Clock based on KP:
Note down, using Astro-Clock, the Sub and the Star of the Ascendant and/or the Moon (other planets will be slow to change) whenever one gets substantial financial gains (such as good cash gains on the counter for a shop owner etc.) Continue this for about a week or a month. You will certainly find that you tend to gain a lot during certain planetary sub or star. Once you have identified these financial benefic planets, you can even start predicting the next good gains! Even you will note that the periods (antardashas, sookshma-dashas) of these financial benefic planets will give good gains. Or one can track the main KP Significators of 2,6,10 and 11 for the same.
Similarly one can use this Astro-Clock for loss periods, illnesses etc. using the respective Significators or the observed planetary Stars or Subs.

Astro-Clock Screen Shot