Sample Compatibility Report

Following is the copy of the compatibility Report as it is generated by the Astro-Kundali PRO Software.
In addition both the individual Birth Charts & Reports are also simultaneously generated.

Compatibility Report

Birth Particulars
Name : XYZ XXX
Date of Birth : Tuesday, 11 September, 1962 Wednesday, 24 April, 1963
Time of Birth : 6:25:00 AM 7:58:00 AM
DST Time Correction : 0:00 0:00
Birth City / Place : Thane Mumbai
Country : India India
GMT Zone : +5:30 +5:30
Birth Rashi : Makar Mesha
Birth Star : Shravana 1 Pada Bharani 1 Pada
Birth Moon : Makar 11 deg. 4 ' 12 '' Mesha 13 deg. 26 ' 24 ''


  HIS HER Kutas/Gunas/Points Analysis
Nadi Antya Madhya 8 / 8 NADI finds out the biological and physiological compatibility.
Gana Deva Manuj 6 / 6 GANA indicates the temperamental compatibility between the partners.
Dina/Tara 1.5 1.5 3 / 3 DINA/TARA indicates the fortune and luck one brings for other.
Varna VAISHYA KSHATRIYAS 1 / 1 VARNA is for the degree of mutual spiritual development.
Vashya Makar Mesha 0 / 2 VASHYA indicates the natural mutual attraction for each other.
Rashi His Rashi: 10 Her Rashi: 1 7 / 7 RASHI works out the overall mutual happiness partners will enjoy.
Yoni Vanar Gaja 2 / 4 YONI indicates the mutual physical affinity.
Graha Maitri (of Rashi Lords) Rashi Lord: Saturn Rashi Lord: Mars 0.5 / 5 GRAHA MAITRI OF RASHI LORDS is for psychic and deep rooted affection for each other.
Total Kutas/Gunas/Points in this case: 27.5 / 36 CONCLUSION: Compatibility Excellent.


What is Mars Dosha / Manglik Kundali? 

Since there are various rules regarding assessment of Mars Dosha, following is the most acceptable view. The computation displayed here is by using these rules.


Mars when it occupies certain houses, i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses, the horoscope is called as Mars Dosha / Manglik Kundali, meaning that it is vitiated by bad effects of Mars.

Mars Dosha gets neutralised completely (Nirdosh Mangal) if it (Mars) occupies 1) the sign of it's debilitation (Karka), 2) the sign of it's enemy (Mithun or Kanya), 3) the sign Mesha and it is in the first house, 3) the sign Vrushchik and it is in the fourth house, 4) the sign Makar and it is in the seventh house, 5) the sign Simha and it is in the eighth house, 6) the sign Dhanu and it is in the twelfth house and 7) when it is aspected by Venus.

If Mars or Saturn is placed in any of the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of your partner then it will counter your chart's Mars Dosha and will make the pair acceptable.

Mars Dosha Computation of Your Charts

His Chart Does Not Have Mars Dosha.

Her Chart Does Not Have Mars Dosha.

The pair is fully compatible as per the Mars Doshas Rules.