Compatibility Reports

Both Professional as well as Lite Versions of Astro-Kundali PRO have this feature.

Features of Compatibility (between two partners) Reports

Conventional 36 Gunas Compatibility Report:

This gives a Report using the conventional 36 kutas / gunas / points system.

This computes following parameters and calculates them giving them points. The maximum possible total is 36.

Each of the individual parameter's points are shown enabling the matching or mismatching areas. The brief generalised explanation of each point is also provided.

  1. Nadi

  2. Gana

  3. Dina / Tara

  4. Varna

  5. Vashya

  6. Rashi

  7. Yoni

  8. Graha Maitri (Planetary Friendships) of Rashi Lords.

In addition to the above, following Mars Dosha Reports are also provided,

Mars Doshas / Kuja Doshas / Manglik :
are given.
b. Computation of the Mars Dosha for each of the partner.
c. Conclusion based on this Mars Doshas finally is given