Planets Details


Sun : Ravi

Sun represents Father, Spirituality, Politics, Governance, Greatness. It represents Husband in charts of females, Superiors when employment issues are involved, Governance of Country.
Sun rules : controls Heart, Right Eye in males and left eye in Females, Mouth, Throat and Brain. If in bad aspect with Saturn then Blood Pressure related problems occur, Heat related problems, High Fever, Typhoid, Boils etc.
Well placed Sun gives tremendous ambition, Debilitated sun makes a person egoistic and vain, Government employment, On the minimum level employment is guaranteed with security of the same, Inherited Business, The nature of employment or Business is determined in combination with other planets.
If Sun relates to Moon-Venus then Business is related to Red or Orange colour Goods, or will be employed in the travel related business.
If Sun relates to Mars-Mercury then Military Engineer or Government Press.
If Sun relates to Saturn then business related to Woollen Items.
Sun also relates to Government Securities, Finance, Gold Bonds, Price and Price Control.

Moon : Chandra

Moon represents Mother, Vegetation, Flowers, Constituents of Blood, Water, and is a Cool Planet. In a
Prashna Kundali the moons position indicates the Question or subject in mind. A debilitated Moon relates to Malaria, Moon in
10 th house causes continuous change in Jobs or Business or the persons tendency is such. Persons with moon in 10 th house
regularly re-arrange things or articles in the house. Moon Rules : Stomach, Digestive System, Large & Small Intestine.
Female genital system, Periods, swings in Mental outlook/Moods, Sadness/Joy, dejection, Bladder,

Mars : Mangal

Mars represents : Murder, violence, Riots, Violent Fires, prominently relates to Brother & Earth, Machinery Mars in positive
house : Self Confidence, Daring, unusual Activity, Restlessness A well placed Mars gives good relations with Brothers,
Agricultural & House / property, If Mars is related to the 10 th house then Authority is bestowed and can be misused. Mars
rules : Iron, Steel, Knives, Arms & Ammunition, Political differences, Family disputes. Mars represents : Chicken Pox,
Measles, Cuts, Bleeding, Urinary System, Liver etc. Chemist, Druggist Surgeon. Mars in Signs can relate to Occupation : In
Water Signs = Navy, Earth = Army, Air = Pilots,

Mercury : Budha

Mercury relates to : Intelligence, Voice, Salesman,
Insurance Agent, PR, Orators, Mercury is a dual nature planet. It relates to writing, Literature, It represents all
relatives from the Mothers side. Green is its prominent colour. Education matters and maternal Uncle are ruled. No. 5 is
Mercury’s number. Persons under mercury look younger than their real age. Mercury rules the Tongue, Nervous System and
Spinal Cord. If Mercury is the Sub-Lord of the 7 th house and if is not in the Nakshtra whose planet is retrograde then
such persons marry more than once. If the money due to you is received in Mercury Dasha - Bhukti then such dues are got
only in instalments. Mercury is responsible for incidents of Court Cases on more than one occasion. Mercury indicates East
direction. If mercury is well placed then the person finds success when he goes east. And if Mercury is badly placed then
such a person goes to East and gets into difficulties.

Jupiter : Guru

Jupiter relates to : Education, Knowledge, Children.
Jupiter is the teacher to the World, A well placed Jupiter gives luck and good fortune to escape from Difficulty or
critical situations. Jupiter looks after Law & Order, relates to Defects in blood and Diabetes.

Venus : Shukra

Venus relates to : Marriage, Happiness in Marriage, Arts, Material gains and inclinations, Good mediators, Rules :
Throat,Eyes,all illness due to over eating. Debilitated Venus in Water Sign in the 12 th house gives alcohol addiction creates
doubts in the Character, creates Skin disease. If Sun, Mars & Venus are debilitated the during childbirth is with Surgical
assistance. Conjunction of Venus-Mars relates to Love affair. Debilitated Venus causes Leprosy etc.

Saturn : Shani

Saturn relates to : Delays, Obstruction. In Shani Dasha every thing happens slowly, Dejection. Is Lord of the 8 th house, gives
happiness from Immovable property like Mars but has a second place after Mars. Together if Saturn and Moon are in any house
then it is a very bad aspect. Sat-Mars Conjunction is bad for health. An event is delayed by Saturn but success is not

Rahu (North Node) Ketu (South Node) :

Rahu Ketu Are Shadow Planets & not Real Planets

Uranus : Harshal

This is a Real Planet. This was not used in old classical vedic literature.
However it is used by the recent vedic astrologers.
This often represents effects like Mercury (to some extent little more pronounced than Mercury) This often gives sudden startling effects, lightening speed.


This is a Real Planet. This was not used in old classical vedic literature.
However it is used sometimes by the recent vedic astrologers.


This is a Real Planet. This was not used in old classical vedic literature.
This is too recent to know its full effects.