Applied Astronomy

Difference between Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomy - This is a science of the celestial objects in the universe. This does not take in to consideration their effects on the living or non living things existing in the universe.

However the astrologically considered  celestial objects (in their existing order) are as follows.

Note: The Moon is not plotted above as it revolves around the Earth.

Relative Distances are as follows.
The distance between the EARTH and the SUN is 9,30,03,000 miles.
Let us consider this as 1 unit.
The distances of the other planets from the SUN are as follows.

Mercury ----- 0.42 units Venus ------- 0.7 units Earth ------ 1 unit
Mars -------- 1.5 units Jupiter ------- 5 units Saturn ----- 9 units
Uranus ------ 19 units Neptune ----- 30 units Pluto ------ 40 units

Astrology - This is Applied Astronomy in Day Today Life.

This takes in to consideration effects of above mentioned celestial objects on the living or the non living things existing in the universe. In a way it is the 'functional' or the 'applied' study of the planets.

In addition to the above mentioned 10 planets two more hypothetical planets namely
Rahu and Ketu are also considered.

Rahu and Ketu : -- They are not the real physical celestial objects. The Earth and the Moon have very little angle in their path around the Sun. The two points of the intersections of their path  are known as Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are also considered very important in the Hindu Astrology.